How to play Heardle Game: Tips, Rules and Game-play

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The Heardle game is a musical guessing game similar to Wordle and Framed, but with an added musical twist. Players listen to clips from songs and try to guess their artist and title with as few attempts as possible. The game only provides six attempts, so the challenge lies in solving the song as quickly as possible. Each incorrect or skipped guess lets users hear more of the music.

How to play Heardle Game

Heardle is a music-themed version of Wordle that’s taking Twitter by storm. Essentially, it’s an everyday guessing game where users must try to determine what song will play by listening to its introduction.

  • Heardle works similarly to Wordle in that it gives you six chances to guess the song and allows for skipped turns. But what sets Heardle apart is that it also offers you the chance to listen to a new section of the song if your guess has been incorrect – an excellent way to give yourself an extra push and make listening more exciting than just hearing one snippet over and over.
  • To play Heardle, simply head to the website and tap “PLAY.” A brief intro of the song will begin playing after that; you can make your guess or click the “Skip” button for a longer section of it.
  • The site then displays a timer to help you keep track of how long until the next Heardle release. You can also share your score on social media using emojis to indicate how many guesses were needed to guess the song correctly.
  • Once you’ve correctly identified the song, it will display a Soundcloud link to its full audio. You can share your results on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with friends to show your support!
  • Heardle is free and doesn’t require an account, making it the perfect way to pass time with friends while learning more about your favorite musicians and their songs.
  • Heardle is an enjoyable game that anyone can play. It’s user-friendly, and you can even challenge your friends! While it may not be as addictive as Wordle, Heardle provides a pleasant way to pass some time.

Rules of Heardle game

Heardle is a music-themed spinoff of Wordle that provides clues through music clips instead of colors. Players get six chances to guess the song title, with each guess giving them six guesses.

  1. Heardle, like its predecessor Wordle, offers a creative and enjoyable way to pass time and challenge yourself. Its easy rules make it suitable for players of all ages and skill levels – making it ideal both for families and kids alike!
  2. The Heardle website describes itself as a “respectful homage to Wordle, with an eclectic musical flair.” Each Heardle is randomly chosen from among thousands of popularly streamed artists, making it ideal for anyone with an extensive music library since songs will change daily.
  3. Each Heardle is an excerpt taken randomly from a playlist of the most-streamed songs over the past decade. It’s an excellent way to test your memory and train your brain to recognize songs quickly.
  4. Music fans will find Heardle to be an ideal challenge, as it tests your knowledge of songs without worrying about the words. Unlike Wordle, Heardle gives you an extra second to figure out the song when wrong and will provide audio clues even if you don’t make a guess.
  5. Nigel Heardle’s video series “Nightmare in Progress” has quickly gained traction on Twitter, where people are sharing their results and complimenting its fun nature. According to its creator Nigel Heardle (we think he may be British), there have been 1.75 million daily views in just three weeks!
  6. The top players at Heardle can guess a song within 1.73 seconds. Ireland boasts the world’s best record at Heardle, while Wolverhampton is the top UK city and Canberra is Australia’s number one.
  7. As with any word-guessing game, it’s essential to select the correct song for each hint. Heardle has a list of songs hidden on their site; thus, selecting from that list is your best bet. Furthermore, avoid tracks that aren’t on the Heardle song list at all costs.

Tips to Play Heardle

Wordle is one of the most beloved puzzle games on the Internet. It has been cloned and spun off into other titles such as Geography-based Wordle and Global, but most recently Heardle a music-themed twist on Wordle–has gained widespread adoption.

  • Entertaining and challenging

Heardle is an entertaining and challenging online game that plays a brief clip of a popular song and challenges players to guess its title and artist in six or fewer attempts. It’s free, fun, and updated daily for added challenges!

Heardle selects song clips from a pool of the most-streamed tracks in recent years on Soundcloud, so you won’t hear anything too obscure and there are usually at least a few hits to test your musical knowledge. Each time you make a guess or click the Skip button, Heardle plays an additional few seconds of the song. Your first guess adds one second, your second adds two, etc.

  • Initial Hints

Wordle only lets players guess after listening to all the snippets of a song, while Heardle offers more audio clues before making their final guess. In fact, the initial hint only provides you with part of the song while both subsequent hints provide full-length pieces of music.

Heardle’s hints are audible, so they may prompt you into action and move you closer to the answer than Wordle’s visual cues. Unfortunately, you only get access to audio clues once a guess has been made; thus, patience is key.

Music genres in Hurdle

Heardle is a music-themed word game inspired by Wordle. Players are challenged to listen to clips of songs and guess their title and artist in as few tries as possible.! This free game, Wordle by Josh Wardle, can be downloaded on the web in 2022. It’s similar to Wordle in that players must guess music instead of words.

Heardle provides players with six chances to guess the song, similar to Wordle; however, unlike Wordle, they can skip a turn if necessary. This feature proves particularly helpful when certain songs require a greater skill level for guessing than others.

Spotify recently shared a blog post expressing how popular their game has become. According to Spotify, the platform allows music enthusiasts to connect with artists, challenge friends, and discover new music.


Heardle Game is another free daily game similar to Wordle that you can access through its website or app on both phone and desktop browsers. In each challenge, the intro of a song plays and requires you to guess its artist & title within as few tries as possible. Wordle has seen a fun twist and is growing in popularity online. What an awesome way to connect with people and gain more insight into music! Heardle is an excellent way to test your musical knowledge and sharpen your memory, plus it allows you to share your score with friends.