OWS Laptop – The Technology They Need to Succeed in School

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OWS laptop are designed to give students in developing countries access to education. They’re lightweight, cost-effective, and energy efficient. OWS laptops are an important tool for helping to bridge the digital divide between students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Learn more about OWS laptops in this article.

Cost Effective Ows laptop

  • Ows laptop is an economical and practical way to give students the technology they need to be successful in school.
  • These laptops are lightweight and portable, with preloaded educational software already installed. Plus, their long battery life makes them perfect for classroom use.
  • The Ows laptop was developed as part of the OLPC Program, which strives to give children access to education worldwide. 
  • These computers are fast and can run a variety of programs quickly – especially useful in countries with slow internet speeds.
  • Ows laptops are cost-effective and user-friendly, featuring a keyboard for easier typing assignments. Plus, their long battery life means you won’t need to charge them often.
  • Another way Ows laptops are cost-effective is their environmental friendliness. Crafted with recycled materials and designed for less energy consumption than standard laptops, these features make them a perfect fit for classrooms, educational settings, homes, and businesses alike.

Pre-Loaded Educational Software

Ows laptops come preloaded with educational software to help students learn coding, math, language, and other STEM topics. These programs tend to be cost-effective and can be an excellent way for students to supplement their education

  1. These computers provide schools with an invaluable opportunity to bridge the digital divide and guarantee all students have access to technology.
  2. They boast a number of features designed for ease of use, like built-in cameras and microphones. This makes them perfect for video conferencing and collaboration. 
  3. The Amplify Tablet comes preloaded with essential reference content and tools, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Google Apps for Education, Desmos graphing calculator, EverFi’s digital literacy curriculum, Project Noah science tools, and Common Sense Media. All these apps are aligned to Common Core Standards so they can be utilized by both teachers and students alike.
  4. Other preloaded educational apps include Magic Desktop, which creates a secure atmosphere and offers fun while kids learn. The app provides millions of children from over 230 countries with educational resources and entertaining games to enjoy.
  5. Another popular Ows laptop is the PeeWee Power Laptop, designed for kids aged 4-8 and preloaded with 15 educational software titles. This ruggedized laptop also boasts a spill-proof keyboard for added convenience.

Powerful Processor

A powerful processor is one of the most essential attributes to look for when purchasing an Ows laptop. This will guarantee your machine runs optimally for years to come.

The processor is the component that allows your computer to execute programs, display images and collaborate with other software applications. It plays an integral role in maintaining its efficiency and smooth operation. Some of the top Ows laptops feature powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, making them ideal for students who need to finish assignments quickly and efficiently.

Many of these devices boast powerful graphics cards, making them ideal for power users who require their laptops to handle various tasks. This makes them ideal for gamers as well as other types of activities.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life is especially essential for students traveling back and forth from home or working remotely. Many of these students use laptops without power outlets, so being able to charge their batteries quickly is key. Ows laptops boast an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours, making them perfect for students who need to study while on the go.

Special Features

  • It is also essential to find a model with a backlit keyboard, which will enable the user to study in low-light conditions. This will increase productivity and make it simpler for them to focus on their work.
  • These laptops are durable and can withstand drops and other damage. This feature is essential for students, as it will protect them from losing their work in case of a drop.
  • Finally, these devices offer a number of other features to aid the user in remaining productive and focused on their work. These include a large screen as well as a backlit keyboard for improved typing comfort.
  • For instance, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is an ideal option for students who need to work on projects while on the go. Its 8-core M1 processor is 3.5 times faster than its predecessor, guaranteeing it can meet all your learning and work demands.


Ows laptops are durable and resistant to water and dust damage, making them ideal for travel or other outdoor activities. Plus, their anti-glare screen helps reduce eye fatigue When selecting an Ows laptop, take into account factors like Processor speed, Memory capacity, Screen size, Hard drive space, Battery life.