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If you’re a fan of 3D games, wario64 will surely delight your senses. It’s an innovative and captivating title that will test all your skills. If you’re searching for a PS5 restock online, Wario 64 is an excellent resource to follow. He posts regular updates on great deals his followers can take advantage of.

Wario 64 is a 2D platformer

  • The inaugural title in Nintendo’s 2D platformer series, Wario: World of Odds brings together all the best elements. 
  • This eight-world adventure is filled with enemies, obstacles, and powerful power-ups that make this one of the most addictive titles in its genre.
  • The gameplay is designed so that you can rapidly progress through all 8 worlds without getting bored of the experience. 
  • No matter its modest size, this game is definitely worth your consideration. It could easily be one of the greatest platformers ever made and definitely deserves to be paid for.
  • The game also boasts an engaging gamification system, where you can create and share mini-games using the DS’s touchscreen interface. 

It’s based on the WarioWare series

The WarioWare series consists of microgames that last only a few seconds and are presented in rapid succession. They can be difficult, with four lives granted per stage; or simple; such as popping balloons, picking noses, or zapping spaceships – but always appear quickly after one another and become increasingly challenging as the game progresses.

  1. Wario has been an iconic part of the Mario franchise for decades, yet his character arc differs significantly from that of its main protagonist Mario in many ways.
  2. His newfound perspective enabled him to become a major figure in the Mario world, with several of his games becoming major successes such as Wario Land and Wario Blast.
  3. Another Wii game based on the series was WarioWare: Smooth Moves!, which had a similar focus as Touched! but featured more creative use of the Wiimote From Baton device (a wand-like device with a motion sensor).
  4. One of the most impressive features of WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase was that players could create their own microgames and then have them played on television through its WarioWare D.I.Y Showcase channel.

It’s a sequel to Wario: The World’s First D Mario Game

Fans of 2D platformers or 3D games alike should give Wario64 a look. It was announced during Shigeru Miyamoto’s E3 2019 Nintendo Direct as the follow-up to Wario Land 3.

  • Most beloved Mario 

The original Wario game was one of the most beloved Mario titles ever released for the Nintendo 64, praised for its expansive scope and creative gameplay. was the first 3D Mario game ever released for consoles – marking an important milestone in this industry?

  • Wario 64 challenges

Wario64 challenges players to complete the Big Boo Battle level by capturing all eight glowing rabbits and unlocking a key that allows them to enter Princess Peach’s room. After switching characters, they must use this key on Chief Chilly in order to defeat him.

Once Chief Chilly has been defeated, players will receive a key to open Princess Peach’s white-bordered door and gain access to the next level. Inside they’ll find a Power Star waiting for them!  The game’s physics are enhanced, along with the music. Plus, it comes equipped with various unique power-ups that make Wario64 even more entertaining than its predecessor.

  • It’s a Nintendo 64 game

Wario is one of the most beloved Nintendo characters, appearing in numerous games over time. The first game to feature Wario on the Nintendo 64 was Wario64, a 3D platformer classic beloved by fans of this character.

  • Celebrate these games

A way to celebrate these games is by playing them on the Nintendo Switch, which provides access to an extensive library of classic N64 titles. At present, The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack features 13 N64 titles with more being added monthly.


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